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To provide a quality product and service to our customers, delivered on time, at an industry competitive price


Since its inception Crank’s ICS has continued to be a locally-owned and managed supplier of powder coating, painting, sandblasting, packaging and warehousing.  Beginning as Grandys ICS, the business was purchased by our current owner, Scott Crank, who has over 40 years of manufacturing experience here in the central Illinois area.  We have retained the former workforce and management who have an average of over 15 years’ experience in the field of coating systems.  Their dedication and knowledge are a vital part of our success her at Crank’s ICS.

We have an established a proven formula of meeting our customers’ requirements and forming a “team based approach” to insure that the needs of the end customer are fulfilled. Whether it’s a small one -piece residential or automotive part or production run of parts, Crank’s ICS will give your parts the same quality attention that they deserve.  We pride ourselves on being flexible and able to adapt to changes in the marketplace and our customers’ demands.  If you need a quote, would like to come for a tour or just need some information, please contact our professional, friendly staff and we will be happy to respond to your inquiry. 

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